Bert Levy was the first to provide free entertainment to poor children

The above photo and news clip appeared in the The Indianapolis times. [volume] (Indianapolis [Ind.]), March 02, 1923, Home Edition, Page 11, Image 11 in 1923. Bert Levy initiated the concept of providing free entertainment for poor children 15 years earlier when his Vaudeville career was just taking off. In London in 1908 for the first time, Bert was so surprised by the abject poverty and misery he saw in the East End of London that he rallied all the American Vaudeville entertainers in London for the summer season to put on a free show to benefit the Fresh Air Society. Every 9d raised would give one child from the East End a day in the country.

 Jewish Herald (Vic. : 1879 – 1920) 
 Fri 30 Oct 1908  
 Page 9 

The wealthy Rothchild family of London would become big supporters of Bert Levy and his children’s concerts.

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