artist to the stars

Bert’s black and white sketches of Hollywood’s leading artists would have numbered in the hundreds. Most would have been used in theatre or movie promotion, many would have been sold at charity events or given away. However, I’m yet to find what happened to his collection on his (1934) or his wife’s death (1945). There were no children to inherit his work and family on both sides of the marriage resided a long way away in Australia. Maybe a family member is in the know !

Actor and artist Bert Levy, sketching Joan Crawford, 1925.

Original Vintage Art Deco Ink Drawing of Joan Crawford “Criterion” by Bert Levy completed in 1933
1927 Exhibitors Herald
Even Movie Directors posed for Bert. Clarence Brown’s films gained a total of 38 Academy Award nominations and earned nine Oscars.  He holds the record for most nominations for the Academy Award for Best Director without a win, with six.

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