Bert’s ‘on stage’ performance

There are many descriptions of Bert’s Vaudeville act, however this one in the Melbourne Age of 1911 is one of the clearest. The device Bert used to project his images was of his own making and perhaps Bert should also be credited with being the inventor of the overhead projector ?
April 1, 1907 Los Angeles Herald describes the apparatus and its later commercial application.
Bert was very protective of its workings in order to prevent rival sketch artists from copying.
1921 article above. Variety magazine There were a number of attempted imitations and as he became well known on Vaudeville, theatre managers refused to book these acts.
An early sketch of Bert at work. The projection onto a large screen was something very novel on the Vaudeville scene. (sketch not by Bert) Source: 1908 San Francisco Call June 15 1908 Page 14 Sketch

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