Bert Levy Bio Note #6

Failing as an eyelet boy in his father’s boot making business and then in his brother in law Pawn broking business, Simon Levy (Bert’s father) took a course of action that would finally recognise his son’s creative talent. We pick up again in Bert’s own biographical account in the Lone Hand Theatre Magazine of February 1912. To the one follower sceptical of this being a genuine name for Theatre Magazine here is the front cover of that edition –

George Gordon was born in Edinburgh and learnt his craft from his father also a scenic artist. He came to Australia with Garner’s London Comedy Company in June 1879. He would become Australia’s foremost scenic artist and be in demand in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide for all major productions. George Gordon died in June 1899 after injuries received when tragically falling getting off the Nicholson Street tram returning home from the Princess Theatre.

Postscript – Bert would name his only son Alwyn ‘Gordon’ Levy.

Image of Splodgers at work. Theatre Heritage Australia website
Scenic artist Back cloth depicting Black Brake Wharf, Rotherhithe (Act 4, Scene 3), The Silver King; painted by George Gordon for the 1892 revival Theatre Heritage Australia.

2 responses to “Bert Levy Bio Note #6”

  1. Definitely a Pedo, ‘wonderful men’ that liked to be sketched, lone hand magazine,. ….. hmm..


  2. Good stuff. What about a timeline of the significant events of Bert’s life?


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