Bio note # 10 Bert marries into the talented Waxman family

TableTalk Newspaper Melbourne July 5 1895. A few days before their wedding Harriet’s widowed mother hosts a dance at their residence in East Melbourne. You’ll recall in the prior wedding account, it is noted Harriet is a clever piano player and her sister Vic Waxman has one of the best contralto voices in Melbourne. Not mentioned and maybe he couldn’t attend the wedding is Harriet’s younger brother Albert. Journos did not make the connection till much later….
Harriet’s brother Albert may have been entertaining on the gold fields of Western Australia when Harriet married Bert in July 1895.
Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the dusty gold fields of Western Australia to learn a bit about Albert Waxman – stage name Whelan.
Photo – BBC’s top rating show, September 1957 ‘This is Your Life’ for Albert Whelan. Another lad like Bert born in Ballarat became an overseas Stage and later TV star and both largely unknown back in Australia.
Big Red Book BBC This is Your Life episode sept 1957
Watch this 4 minute clip of Albert performing . Did Dean Martin copy him ?
Albert Whelan – British Pathe

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