John F. Sheridan -one of Bert’s early interviews….

You might have noticed in the last post, Bert & Albert being admitted to London’s Eccentric’s Club…. that below that entry in the Herald is a reference to the death of American comedian, female impersonator J. F Sheridan. Sheridan came to Australia to perform on stage and just so happens, Bert caught up with Johnny Sheridan at the Shamrock hotel in Bendigo, when Bert was Music & Drama Critic at the local affectionally known rag, ‘the Agoniser’, The Bendigo Advertiser in 1900.

(I transgress I know, but that is the beauty of a blog!)

One of Bert’s first sketches in the Bendigo Advertiser. Entertainer J.F Sheridan and below is photo of Johnny Sheridan.
John F. Sheridan taken 1909 the year he died while performing in Newcastle, that’s Australia’s Newcastle.
Bendigo Advertiser May 12, 1900. Perhaps he should have had a drink and a cigar !

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