Bert bio note #11

Bert’s five years (1894-1895) in Sydney were eventful . He and Harriet were living in the eastern suburb of Waverly.

A year after their marriage, they sadly lost a baby (a girl) who survived just 4 days. In the death notices …..

Two years later there is happier news with the birth and survival of Alwyn Gordon…

Not sure where the name Alwyn came from (perhaps a Waxman family name) however, the second name ‘Gordon’ is after Bert’s master in scenic artistry, George Gordon.

Now needing to support a family and like a lot of artistic people then and now, economic survival usually required the juggling of multiple sources of income. One source of income was costume and dress design…

The bulletin., v.18, no.932, 1897-12-25, p.14
The Sydney Truth newspaper, Dec 26, 1897. The last line of this review, 180 supers are engaged in this production…. anyone have a clue what a ‘super’ was ?

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