Bio note # 13. ‘The King of China’

A recent search found this photo of Bert where he appears to be in his bridegroom outfit. If it is, he is 24 years of age and the photo is from 1895. This, and the next photo show Bert was experimenting with photographic presentation long before he took over the Alba Studio in Sydney.

The photo along 7 others can be accessed from the prestigious New York Public Library Digital Collection in the BILLY ROSE THEATRE COLLECTION . Click on the above link and type Bert Levy in the search area. Now why the above title ? The next image obviously removed from a photo frame, shows Bert with his best man.

Levy Family member, Phil Lipsuch believes the unidentified person (right) is Bert’s younger brother Reuben (age 20 here). Reuben is another fascinating member of the Levy family. Born 1975, he was four years younger than Bert and became very well known in Sydney business circles.

Reuben died quite young in 1926 when he was just 50 years of age and according to Sydney newspapers had just returned from a world tour including the USA. They also inform he left a considerable estate for the time.

However, Reuben should best be remembered for his groundbreaking promotions of his glassware and his business. He was well ahead of his time, calling on customers through election speeches and stories etc. (see below) Have a good look at the advertising image below- He’s slashing high prices and his profits…

The following comes from a USA web site dedicated to ‘Carnival Glass Worldwide’ and dedicates two pages to Reuben’s business in George Street, Sydney.

The link below takes you to the two web pages on Reuben Levy’s business in the wonderfully eclectic ‘Carnival Glass Worldwide’ website….I’m sure you have some, somewhere !

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