Bulletin work #2

The Bulletin had its small stable of regular cartoonists and many more like Bert and Will Dyson who were freelancers in the 1890s…. I’d imagine they would pick up a few shillings each time they had something published. Bert would court controversy in 1899 for a number of his sketches that re-affirmed the Bulletin’s views on immigrants, and in this case, Jewish residents.

Bert addressed the issue twelve years later in 1911, when he returned to Australia describing it as ‘his lot’ to illustrate Hebrew jokes for the Bulletin.

The bulletin.Vol. 32 No. 1663 (28 Dec 1911)

Here are three of the ‘Hebrew jokes’ that Bert illustrated that raised the hackles of the Melbourne journalist that Bert references above)

And the controversy that followed

The Hebrew Standard Sydney 1899. The same letter would appear in Table Talk newspaper in Melbourne a few days earlier written by ‘Maskel’.
To add to Bert’s predicament and controversy, Table Talk published Bert’s photo a couple of weeks later in December 1899. No doubt, Bert would be feeling the heat in Sydney as the 19th century drew to a close.

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