Why Bendigo ?

Prior posts have touched on why Bert may have needed to leave Sydney at the turn of the 20th Century. But why did he come to Bendigo ? It has taken a while to establish a link between Bert and Bendigo, however without being completely definitive that this was the reason, I have only recently discovered he had family in Bendigo.

I thought at first he may have been related to Montaque Levy at the Shamrock who was the Proprietor at the turn of the century. However, a Levy family member (Phil Lipshut) has informed they were not related. Montague Levy was responsible for the 1897 major addition of 2 extra stories and hot and cold running water in the bathrooms. (a rarity for the time) Here’s a postcard advert for this grand establishment, one of the finest in the country.

Now, Bert’s family connection in Bendigo.

Bert’s wife Harriet, younger sister Victoria had married a Bendigo lad, one Hyman White of Queen Street. See below the joyous wedding plans.

Melbourne Jewish Herald March 5, 1897. Interesting they had a Bendigo correspondent then. Not only is the future G.G referenced here, Issac Issacs,(great name) there are some very well known Jewish residents of Bendigo mentioned in this report.

A year after their marriage, Victoria and Harriet’s recently widowed mother comes to stay in Queen Street with Hyman and Victoria. Tragically, the mother dies in Bendigo after a fall at their residence.

Bendigo Independent. If you would like to read all the treatment details after a brandy, the whole article, is available on this link.

Interesting Bert’s brother in law, Hyman White is not only a Furniture salesman in his father’s store, he also gets into Theatre management in 1901 and opens a new type of theatre in the Masonic Hall on View Street. The Bendigo Independent Supplement has a new editor (Bert) in January 1901 and ‘lo and behold’ the new theatre gets a double page spread in this publication. The Bendigo Advertiser reports on the new theatre however, no photos or fanfare.

The Bendigo Independent
Bendigo Independent Supplement
To see the extensive spread on the new theatre click here – https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/193624154?searchTerm=New%20gaiety%20theatre

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