Lord Rothschild’s interest in Bert’s East End remarks…..

Down the beach last month, I came across a very old paper back on the Rothschild family published in 1966. Turned out to be riveting read, what a family (5 Brothers / 5 Arrows) and what influence they wielded in banking in Europe and globally over hundreds of years and most likely still do. This Wikipedia gives a good summary on them……


Now the Lord Rothschild whose secretary made contact with Bert over his comments on the poverty in London’s East End in 1908 was most likely Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild. Despite a ban on Jewish people being knighted or becoming members of the House of Lords, the Royal Family and other royals, were in so much debt to the Rothschilds, that Queen Victoria rescinded that rule. The Rothschilds had also financed so many major deals for the British Government going back to Wellington and the battle of Waterloo and the Suez Canal, just to name a couple.


The Baron was a conservative in the House of Lords and was quite possibly keen to muzzle Bert’s opinions? (My speculation only.) I haven’t seen any subsequent mention on whether the meeting ever took place, however The Rothschilds and Bert did cross paths again in the USA. (another post)

I photographed this paragraph from the book describing the Rothschild family’s chutzpah’. I’ve never written this Yiddish word before, possibly never spoken the word before, however, I wonder whether the term could be also used to describe, ‘our Bert’ ? I look forward to some feedback.

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