Speaking of talent at the Palace Theatre

For those in the Bert Levy Appreciation Society (B.L.A.S) who thought the readership had more hair in the nasal and ear compartments than on top…. well to prove you all wrong, here is one of our younger London BLAS members……

This is Owen, our one and only Tasmanian member who is currently working on the set of a new series of Great Expectations in London, which will star Olivia Colman. Although NIDA trained, Owen is not playing Pip, but has been working in set design for productions in theatre and now TV and Film. Speaking of ‘Great Expectations’, we expect nothing less than a BAFTA for Owen and the BLAS society will be taking a table at the awards night. (get your black tie ready) Owen is working around the block from the Palace Theatre and graciously agreed to get a selfie outside the Palace in honour of Bert’s performances there 110+ years ago. (look at the size of the place now hosting some unknown production!!)

We are still waiting for the other two BLAS members in London to send their selfie outside the Palace !! Given the way people are dropping off the perch in Australia at the moment, they better hurry up. BLAS membership base is not that big!!

Speaking of ‘Great Expectations’


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