Bert’s warning to American actors ….

Organising a Benefit for London’s impoverished East End Children provided opportunity for Bert to further another good cause… By billing the Benefit concert as an ‘All American’ cast, he provided a platform for the many American entertainers who felt that they had been duped by their Theatre managers at other London Theatres. Although they would have appeared for ‘gratis’ for the Benefit they got to strut their stuff on the principle stage in London (the Palace) in front of some of the wealthiest and influential patrons on both sides of the Atlantic. So, the Benefit proved beneficial for the ‘waifs’ and american actors alike.

Punch Newspaper – Melbourne
The Palace
Alfred Butt as caricatured in Vanity Fair, December 1910

Alfred Butt managed the Palace for 14 years from 1904. He went on to much bigger things… This was the guy that first engaged Bert in 1908 when Bert turned up unannounced.

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