Alwyn Levy (1898-1918)

Just a recap. Alwyn Gordon Levy was born in Sydney in March 1898. He was Bert and Harriet’s only child. Alwyn was just 8 when he travelled with his mother to join Bert in the USA in February 1906. They lived in the neighbourhood of Flatbush, part of the Borough of Brooklyn, New York State.

Below we read that on the night of the November 1916 Presidential election Alwyn (age 18) was to use Bert’s projection device to flash the election results at the Place Theatre, NYC. It is also appears Alwyn was following in his father’s footsteps as a cartoonist. Woodrow Wilson (Democrats) won that election by the way.

The New York Sun. November 07, 1916, Page 4

Alwyn had graduated from Union College in Schenectady, New York. He was in his second year of studying engineering at Columbia when he enlisted in Canada. Listed as a student, and aged 20, he crossed the U.S./Canadian border travelling from Malone, New York to Montreal, arriving on 2nd June, 1917.

He enlisted with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 7th June, 1917. His date of birth date was listed as 23rd March, 1897 & his address listed was the Windsor Hotel, Montreal. Alwyn Levy stated he was a “Student. Motor Cyclist” & had served with Students Training Camp in New York, U.S. His next of kin was listed as Bert Levy of 1104 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, New York.

So like many others enlisting Alwyn lied about his age. He attested he was born on March 23 1897 when in actual fact he was born March 23 1898. (Age 19)

Sydney Morning Herald Apr 2 1898

The following research is taken from a British research paper listed below – “Alwyn was initially assigned to Canadian Engineers – Signal Training Depot. He was approved to join the Canadian Royal Flying Corps on 28th November, 1917. He stated he was aged 20 years & 7 months & his trade was listed as “Misc. Aviator Cadet (Student). He had served as a Divisional Signaller – Sapper for 5 months. Alwyn Gordon Levy was posted at Toronto, Canada on 28th November, 1917 as 3rd Air Mechanic. He was discharged from Royal Flying Corps, Canada on 16th February, 1918 having been accepted into the British Royal Flying Corps. His special qualifications were listed as “three years technical training Physics, Mathematics, General Engineering, slight knowledge of French. 6 months service with C.E.F. (Despatch Rider) since joining R.F.C.” Alwyn Gordon Levy has flown “solo on Curtiss N4 – 25 hrs 15m; dual on Curtis N4 – 3hrs 50 m; Avro – Graduation from the School of Aerial Gunnery R.F.C.”

Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Willesden, Brent, London
War Graves

Columbia University Memorial site for fallen past students

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