President Wilson & Bert

Three important references below to President Woodrow Wilson attending Bert’s shows. The first is during the crucial and controversial period of USA troops being deployed in WW1 in February 1918. As an aside, the first major action the US troops faced in the war was under Monash at Battle of Le Hammel (France) on the July 4th, 1918. Even then, they weren’t meant to take part. Interesting story. In football parlance, you could say they entered the war deep into the final quarter !!!

Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, New York) 03 Feb 1918,

Post war and at various victory celebrations…

Daily News (New York) 22 Jul 1923, Sunday Page 115

Below is a longer description of Bert’s address. Perhaps this address by Bert deserves to be acknowledged by many more Australians. Bert is not only a great entertainer, he is obviously a great orator. Try to read through to the end.

New York Morning Telegraph July 8

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