“Can a Souffle rise twice ?”

Been waiting for an opportunity to use this quote, however, upon doing some checking, this famous Peacock was not related to the colt from Kooyong! Bummer. https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/peacock-sir-alexander-james-7994

Bert’s sketch of Sir Alexander Peacock, Premier of Victoria in 1901 and staunch Federation proponent. Member for Creswick.
State Library Catalogue description: Photomechanical prints of some of these held in Pictures collection in a series titled “People we know”. All signed by artist.
Painted on cardboard with paper sheet fixed to top of image to protect surface.
45cm X 25cm

Here is how Bert’s sketch was used in Syme’s ‘The Leader’ paper on Dec 28 1901.


Article highlights how he went from grocer’s boy in Clunes to wealthy Premier of the state.

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