Bert sets sail for the USA in 1904

After two years working for David Syme at the Leader group of newspapers, Bert decides to pull up stumps and try his luck in the United States. Getting there was neither easy nor cheap, as most northern hemisphere passages at the turn of the twentieth century were predominantly ‘Mother Country’ bound.

Above, Bert recounts his decision making a decade later in 1912 in the ‘Lone Hand’ Theatre magazine biographical piece. Interesting no reference to Harriet and their young 7-8 year old child Alwyn!
Here’s the ship PR informing it was 19 days between Sydney and San Francisco.
Jewish Herald.
Bendigo Independent

You’ll see reference below to the St. Louis Exposition of 1904. Interesting the erstwhile Mt. Alexander Times out of Castlemaine at the time, makes reference that Bert is attending St. Louis EXpo at the behest of well known Melbourne firm. ?? Interesting, I can find no reference that Bert made St. Louis that year !!

The main feature of the 1904 St Louis Exposition was titled ‘The Human Zoo’. Take a tour through what was on show.

If you believe the popular tales, more new American foods were invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, than during any other single event in history. The list includes the hamburger, the hot dog, peanut butter, iced tea, the club sandwich, cotton candy, and the ice cream cone, to name just a few. If all the pop histories and internet stories have it right, American foodways would be almost unrecognizable if the 1904 fair had not been held.

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