Ship owner also owned the newspaper !

Here is Tuesday May 17 1904 edition of the San Francisco Call newspaper owned by wealthy American entrepreneur John D Speckels. I guess when you own one you can always promote the other. Spreckels also had sugar interests in Hawaii so that is why he perhaps got on board at Honolulu.

Below is what was printed in the article- with a couple of interesting references

Poor bugger getting his leg caught in the eccentrics!!

Below is a list of the passengers that disembarked at San Francisco. Too bad if you wanted to arrive into America unannounced !!
And as well as stopping at Auckland and Honolulu the Sanoma pulled in at Pago Pago…. Just looked at map and Pago Pago is in direct line between Auckland to Hawaii.
John D Spreckels was the son of German-American industrialist Claus Spreckels, founded a transportation and real estate empire in San Diego, California, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The entrepreneur‘s many business ventures included the Hotel del Coronado and the San Diego and Arizona Railway, both of which are credited with helping San Diego develop into a major commercial center.
Upon his death he was eulogized as “One of America’s few great Empire Builders who invested millions to turn a struggling, bankrupt village into the beautiful and cosmopolitan city San Diego is today.”[1]

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