Coo-ee Club con’t..

Last post featured Bert being welcomed by San Francisco Aussies at their newly formed club in 1904.

Mrs Isidor Myers, wife of the Chief Rabbi was the linchpin for the club.

Albert Goldie was a Australian journalist – photo and background in link

Some other Coo-ee Club reports –

The Clarence sisters seem to very young to be touring the world in 1904.

If you’re wondering what Rabbi Myers looked like, here is with Bert in 1908 in the Los Angeles Herald article. Rabbi Myers (an aussie) became very influential in the fledgling Zionist movement in the USA.

Isidore Myers message and influence in the U.S was probably never understood back in Australia. Whilst news of Pogroms against the Jews going on in Russia and Central Europe were frequent they were not headlines in Australia. Much smaller Jewish population perhaps explains that compared with the USA.

Los Angeles herald.(Los Angeles [Calif.]), December 15, 1905, Page 5
The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]), January 03, 1904
Rabbi Isidore Myer was certainly popular in San Francisco in 1904 if we look at the Jewish marriages at the end of 1903, start of 1904. The San Francisco call. , January 05, 1904

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    This is fascinating and novel material to me. We are having our annual AGM today of KSZ Kehillat S;dot Zahav the Progressive Jewish Community of the Goldfields, and I will raise the info about Bert there. We have returned for foreign places namely Queesland and back in Benders. Onkel Howard


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