May 1905, Bert gets story in major American Jewish paper.

The clip above is from the Hebrew Standard Australia published in Sydney. They obviously were sent Bert’s piece in the NYC Hebrew Standard.
Unfortunately, I can’t get the sketch of Harriet & Alwyn any lighter. It is the only time Bert sketched them together that I have found to date. The story states they will join Bert shortly in the United States which they did.
Interesting reference, that there are no ghettos in Australia.. and don’t forget to get your Passover Groceries at the Uptown store on 59th & 5th..

One response to “May 1905, Bert gets story in major American Jewish paper.”

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    Happy New Year to you and fellow conspirators. It is 5874 so keep on living a little longer. That year commences on 26/9/22 so honey cake for all of you.

    This piece is perplexing. It was the self deprecator who leyned Torah. This would have kept Freud busy for a century.

    L”chaim. Onkel Howard


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