Bert strings together some sketch jobs in NYC in 1905.

Bert is back after a bit of a Spring vacation.

Let’s pick up on 1905 He has been in the US just under a year. He wrote in a 1912 biographical piece how he struggled in New York to get work as a sketch artist.

Lone Hand Feb 1912. Bio piece

Siegel Cooper and Co.

The NYC store had opened in 1896 so was only a decade in existence when Bert worked for them. He claims he got the sack as you have read above. The six-story Siegel-Cooper store was located at 616-632 Sixth Avenue between West 18th and 19th Streets, and was built between 1895 and 1897, then expanded in 1899.

Weber and Fields Music hall took Bert on to do some sketch work around their new musical. Weber and Fields were both Polish Jewish immigrants to the USA. Their success, and the money made from their touring vaudeville shows, permitted them to open their own Broadway theatre, Weber and Fields Music Hall, in 1896. Here they are here-

The Billy Rose Theatre Collection, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Read about their act here.
29th & Broadway NYC
Anna Held was the big star in Higgledy Piggledy.

A fairly typical piece appeared on Anna in the Bulletin in 1911.

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