Friar’s Club (con’t)

Bert’s membership of this erstwhile club has certainly attracted some interest from members !! Great description below-

“In the 1960s, the Friars Club, the Lambs Club, and the Players Club were often confused. The columnist Earl Wilson put it this way in 1964: “Long ago a New Yorker asked the difference between the Lambs, Friars, and Players, since the membership was, at the time, predominantly from Broadway.” It was left to “a wit believed to have been George S. Kaufman” to draw the distinction: “The Players are gentlemen trying to be actors, the Lambs are actors trying to be gentlemen, and the Friars are neither trying to be both.”[18]

A good Sunday morning read is the ‘History of the Friar’s Club’ and how they handled or didn’t handle the inclusion of some very famous women into the brotherhood. Great to see the group photo of Bert and Will Rogers is prominent on their website. Click link below –

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