Friar’s final – Bert’s involvement

Final post on the Friar’s Club…..unless something good comes up

Bert is editing Friar’s Club magazine 1918 – source Sydney Bulletin
Bert on Friar’s program at benefit for ‘Underprivileged Boys Fund’ in 1919.
Bert introduces another Aussie to the Frair’s. 1920 Bulletin
Bert has a new assistant at the Friar’s club in 1921. Harriet’s nephew and Brunswick born Clive has arrived from Australia. Clive had served 4 years in the Great War with distinction (awarded Military Medal for bravery May 1918 ) returned home to Australia after the war but is eager to see the bright lights of the USA, especially as he has family there. His letter in the Melbourne Table Talk newspaper is well worth a read. Very funny description of his first night in an high rise building. Click on the link-
Now you know where that famous quote originated… Just think how sophisticated you’ll sound when you mention the name of the very club involved !!

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