Bert Bio note # 12

In addition to costume design for the stage, Bert also became manager of the Alba Photography studio in Sydney’s Strand Arcade and quickly established a reputation for his experimentation in the new visual medium of photography. This glowing 1898 Bulletin article was perhaps an inside job by journo mate but Bert knew what he doing in trying to create a brand ‘ an Alba’.

The bulletin., v.19, no.975, 1898-10-22, p.10 Alba Studios.
The Strand, Sydney opened in 1892

The Alba studio was probably named after the historical figure, the 12th century Duchess of Alba of Spain. Some of you are old enough to recall the Australian ‘Pix’ magazine which started in 1940s. Pix provides some hard hitting background on the lady (not) ….and the scandal that surrounded the Duchess…

If you would like to see the two versions of Goya’s paintings of the Duchess Alba click on the Pix link here, scroll down to the next page 42 –
The 18th Duchess of Alba died in 2014. She was one of the richest people in Spain. Any resemblance ?
Photo by Alba Studios of GEORGE RIGNOLD AS FALSTAFF IN MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. I cannot verify whether Bert took the photo but it gives a feel for the Alba Studios work in 1898.

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  1. I used to have know a girl called Alba, she was so hot…I wonder where she is now.


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