London without a booking…… 1908

Bert toured extensively across the major cities of the USA in 1906 and 1907 and in 1908 he took another chance, taking himself off to London……..

Variety Magazine Sept 28, 1908 highlights that Bert ‘was neither billed nor programmed’, a risky move for any artist not greatly known in England.
Bendigo Independent
London Palace theatre red-brick facade dominates the west side of Cambridge Circus behind a small plaza near the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road. Palace Theatre seats 1,400 and opened in 1891.,_London

Bert gets ‘prime time’ booking back in London for the following year.
Above – Daily News Perth ….You’ll recognise the name of Albert Whelan who’ll you recall was Albert Waxman, Harriet’s youngest brother. So Bert would have had some sound advice from Albert on how to take his act to the London stage.

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