Royal summons – July 1909

You will recall in the last post, Bert left London with a substantial booking to return in the peak summer season of 1909 to the Palace theatre. On his return he was to get another booking……..

Sydney Mail
Evening Mail Sydney. Bert was summoned to appear before the Royals at Stafford House, St. James London at the time belonging to the Duke of Sutherland. The palace is now known as Lancaster House, after it was purchased by Sir William Lever (wealthy soap maker) and given to the state. The building now houses the Government Wine Cellar.
In 1900 the Duke of Sutherland owned about 1,358,000 acres (550,000 hectares) and the steam yacht Catania, which was chartered by some of the super-rich of that era.
The Duke died at Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland, on 27 June 1913, aged 61, and was buried at Dunrobin.,_4th_Duke_of_Sutherland

Bert appeared before the Royals on the evening of July 21, 1909. How did he go?

and more King Edward VII …. ‘dirty Bertie’ in the next blog

King Edward VII and a royal party….
Bendigo Advertiser

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