Success has many fathers……..

Failure is an orphan…. so the quote goes.

Sydney Mail, August 18, 1909

Australian press had largely ignored or not known about Bert’s success in the United States in the years 1905-1908. As we know, international news for domestic consumption came predominantly via cable almost exclusively out of London.

When news was received that Bert was to entertain the Royals in London this all changed. It seemed newspapers were now very happy to claim association with the smart young Jew who left Australia’s shores in May 1904. Here are just a few – 

Australasian, Sydney
Australian paper, Sydney
Jewish Standard reminds us, Bert was raised in Parkville.
Nambucca News claims he is ex – Bendigo
The Bendigo Independent newspaper goes one step further

even that he was a student of the National Gallery, that’s the Melbourne one not Paris

The Fremantle paper says he is from Sydney
Of course, the Ballarat Star claims him as a native, and gives us a good account of Bert’s earning in 1909.
The Kalgoorlie newspapers have inside information on Bert as he has two younger brothers making their way over in the west as bookmakers.

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