Tall Poppy Syndrome or something else ? …..

The previous post suggested the Australian newspapers were now happy to acknowledge Bert’s success. However, there were some back home happy to stick the boots in…..

The Brisbane Truth was keen to highlight Bert was fortunate to get a positive response the new King. His co-religious that proceeded him were not as well received.
The Kalgoorlie Sun newspaper correspondent was particularly derogative of Bert at times. Maybe the reporter owed money to Bert’s brothers who were leading bookmakers in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie respectively.
Melbourne Punch had a two theatre commentators who were divided on Bert’s career. The Greenroom Gossip correspondent was quick to put down Bert’s success.
Sunday Times Perth writer who claimed to have known Bert from schooldays was especially scathing of Bert’s success and none too happy with the King and his associates..
The Mirror Perth, possibly the same author as the Sunday times accuses Bert of being a fake.

Perhaps this paragraph in the Bulletin two years 1911 later summed up the perennial issue of Australian’s failing to give credit to their own who go overseas and gain success……. a familiar theme repeated over the past 110 years.

The Bulletin.Vol. 32 No. 1657 (16 Nov 1911)

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