Back to Bert’s time in Bendigo……. the Easter Fair 1900

Bert joined the Bendigo Advertiser in January 1900, and this is his first ‘Easter Fair’ feature story. Now, for ‘non Bendigonians’ this was a very big carnival held each year in aid of the hospital and ‘asylum’ as it was called. The fair started in 1871 and is still a big deal today. The mainstay of the carnival is the Monday procession with a very big Chinese presence going back to the 1870s. If interested –

Bendigo at Easter 1900

If you have time to read this through to the end, I highly recommend it. It was this article that alerted me to the talent of the writer (Bert) in the first place. This theme of the ‘downside of life on the stage’, became an enduring theme throughout his journalistic career.

Maybe the old clown at the Bendigo Easter Fair inspired this
sketch by Bert in the Sunday Call newspaper, San Francisco in 1907.
The double page spread in the above paper was titled ‘The Pathetic Side of Vaudeville’. More on that later.

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