Bert’s first sketches in Bendigo

Although hired as a reporter on the Music and Drama scene for the Bendigo Advertiser, Bert was keen to demonstrate his versatility by offering his sketch talent to the weekly supplement known as the Bendigonian. I’m told that in 1900 the Bendigonian had its own printing press (separate from the Addie) that enabled it to print photos and illustrations. Bert’s first sketches were from the court room in Bendigo.

Photo courtesy of Phil Lipshut, shot at the State Library. The Bendigonian is digitised on Trove from 1914-1918. These early editions are not available on line.

Both are interesting court cases….. Morris & Moore were acquitted ….. here is the court report…

Emma Draper was just 18 and was charged with Arson that resulted in the death of the infant child of the Guildford Station Master. (Guildford is near Castlemaine) She was also eventually acquitted in Bendigo.

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