Some other Bendigo notables sketched by Bert

Apart from the guy in the middle, which is a photo of the Prince of Wales, Prince Edward…. aka Dirty Bertie, all the others are local Bendigo celebrities in 1900…..

Starting in the top left is…….

‘Mine host’ is none other than Montague Levy, the licensee of the famous Shamrock Hotel, perhaps at the time rivalling the Windsor Hotel for the most prestigious in the state. He was responsible for adding an additional story to the Shamrock in the 1890s and other refurbishments such as hot and cold running water in the bathrooms. Now Montague was not a relative of Berts, however, in one of those small world moments, Phil Lipshut, often referenced on this site as Bert’s G.G nephew on his father’s side, Phil is also related Montague on the mother’s side !! What are the chances ?
The Shamrock 1905
Advertising postcard including image of Montague.

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