Bert’s first feature in the Bendigonian

Kyneton Observer promoting the Bendigonian Supplement. The bumper coloured Easter edition was to be Bert’s entre’ into the Bendigonian as editor. Here is that front cover, minus the colour.
Again, the image is courtesy of Phil Lipshut. This illustration was used by Bert in later publications.

A month after arriving in Bendigo, he depicted its most famous and wealthiest identity, ‘Quartz King’ Sir George Lansell in a cheeky and risible sketch for the Bendigonian Supplement. This impudent representation of one of the richest men in the British Empire as well of other local notables, imbibed widespread affection among his readership..

Bendigonian Supplement.

What Sir George thought of Bert’s sketch we do not know.

This is what he actually looked like.
George Lansell still watches over Bendigo today. His statue on ‘Pall Mall’, Bendigo!

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