The Easter Fair Secretary……

Bert Levy’s sketch of Harry Marks in the Bendigonian March 5, 1900.

Bert Levy, was new to being a journalist, in his late twenties in a strange city where he quickly became ‘the’ social commenter in town and established friendships with some of the most ‘connected’ people of that time …. Harry Marks was an auctioneer, former Mayor and publisher of the Bendigo Evening Mail, a third daily newspaper to rival the Advertiser and the Independent. (yes your reading correctly, 3 dailies, hard to believe when you see the malaise of print newspapers today! ) Harry took on the role of Secretary to Easter Fair electing to take no payment. Up until then, it had been a well paid position which had caused controversy. I thought Bert’s interview gives some terrific insight into ‘the pace of life’ 120 years ago. Here it is on Trove….. click here

H.M Marks at Easter. Below, a rare front page of ‘The Bendigo Evening News’ 1899. Found under floor boards in Bendigo house recently. (Lost Bendigo) The Evening news has not been digitised on Trove unfortunately.

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