The other local celebs in Bendigo in 1900…

The Popular medico was Dr Charles Burke-Gaffney born in Ireland in 1853. He lived and work out of ‘Merrimu’ 122 Mitchell Street. Bert would interview the very well educated Irish Doctor who wanted to speak only of his interest in the Arts.
Here is the interview, interesting read if you have time –

Here is Dr Burke-Gaffney’s 1918 Obit in the Advertiser. Described as an old man he died at age 63….. gulp!!

It says below the sketch ‘One of the Leading Brewers’. It may also say Teddy xxxxxxx. Person yet to be confirmed and as you’d know Bendigo had multiple breweries, but perhaps this is the youngest of the Cohn brothers or son. The three eldest Cohn Brothers were Danish Jewish immigrants who came in the 1850s and introduced cold beer to Australia. Yes, you have read that correctly.
Below the sketch it says, ‘Alluring J.B’ and on the sketch is written ‘An Attractive Man’. Given the sketch of what looks like a beehive, this may be the licensee of the Beehive Hotel & Cafe above the Beehive store and stock exchange. Perhaps Henry Burridge (although that doesn’t fit with the J.B) More work needed.
Again all sketches were supplied courtesy of Phil Lipshut who photographed them in the Bendigonian at the State Library.

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