Corrections to Bert’s ‘local celebs’ characters

I have received correspondence from the extremely helpful Rita Hull at the Bendigo Family History Group’ who has pointed out that Bert’s depiction of ‘a leading Bendigo brewer’ is not a Cohn, as I thought, but rather Freddie Hunter of the Kent Brewery.

Bert’s drawing in the Bendigonian Supplement April 17, 1900.

Click on the link above to read some brief history of the brewery.

I’m surmising, that the young chap on the left (above) is Freddie as the poster could be from the mid 1880’s before the father (G.F Hunter) passed away and the wife (Elizabeth) formed a partnership with her two sons Freddie and Thomas.
Workers and wagons outside the Kent Brewery, Bendigo 1890.

Now, another terrific pick up from Rita is my error in stating the character in the centre of the montage is the Prince of Wales, ‘Dirty Bertie’… I also thought it was a photo but it could also be another sketch by Bert Levy.

I should have looked more closely and seen the title under the centre character which I think says ‘The Veteran Bandmaster’. Rita informs that the character is none other than James Northcott of the famous Northcott Band.

Northcott’s City Band, circa 1870’s started by James Northcott as ‘Sandhurst Volunteers’ in 1862, later becoming Flight’s City Band, Bendigo Municipal Band, and is currently City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band. They celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2012.

Rita is still assisting to identify the ‘alluring J.B’ character that Bert drew.

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