More ‘Representative Men’ by Bert

From the ‘Leader Newspaper’ 1901/02/03

THE HONORABLE ALFRED DEAKIN, M.P. FEDERAL ATTORNEY-GENERAL in 1901 and of course future Prime Minister.

THE HON. GEORGE SELTH COPPIN Upper House Conservative MP

A line from Coppin’s profile – ‘His tendency was Conservative, if anything. For instance, he was opposed to payment of members, and always disbursed his £300 a year in charity, a display which, however, had something of a smack of the old “artful Dodger” of the puppet world of players.’

JOHN ANDERSON PANTON P.M. Panton became magistrate and Gold Field’s Commissioner at Woods Point then at Heidelberg, where he also mapped the Yarra Valley, naming Panton Hill, after himself, obviously.


From his wikipedia page – “Irvine carried a vote of no confidence in the Peacock ministry. Commissioned to form a government, he was remarked for his temerity in choosing a cabinet without consulting David Syme“. 

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