Leader newspaper ‘Representative men’

The Leader was a weekly newspaper in Melbourne and came out on Saturday. It was a “companion weekly” to the daily newspaper The Age, and was edited by David Syme‘s brother George Syme.[1] Its first issue was released in February 1855, under the title “The Weekly Age”.[2] Like many other newspapers (The Bendigo Independent also) it disappeared at the end of the WW1.

For nearly three years Bert’s sketches were prominent on Page 33 of the Saturday Leader.

Rev Dr Llewelyn David BEVIN (1842–1918). Controversial Congregationalist Minister. Caricature likeness of Bevan by ‘B.A.L.’ (Bert Abraham Levy) in the series ‘Representative men’ was published in the Leader in 1901. 

Here is the full Leader article & sketch – August 24 1901 https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/196600847?searchTerm=representative%20men%20Bevan

Charles Kingston was a leading figure in the popular movement for federation, and in 1900, he travelled to London with Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin to oversee the passage of the federation bill through the Parliament of the United Kingdom. City of Kingston in Melbourne’s south east named after him.


The Honourable Speaker was Mr Francis Conway Mason, Member for Gippsland South


Federal Treasurer Sir George Turner P.C




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