The Railway Picnic at Ballarat.

The Railway Picnic at Ballarat – Leader Newspaper February 8 1902

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These sketches are so good they deserve enlargement. The captions for each also priceless.

No. 1. Those who pay
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2022-06-27-at-11.01.47-am.png
No. 2. Those ‘on the nod’.

No. 3. The horrified member of the Peace Society
No. 4. The Acting Commissioner ‘Sad in his pleasures’
No. 5. An overworked Minister
No. 6. A Porter’s Enjoyment -‘Hurry up, Please’

No. 7 A Rush for the Last Train

One response to “The Railway Picnic at Ballarat.”

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    Note his sympathy for the working class and his mild joshing of their “betters”


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