In the Political Conning Tower….

Bert finds a new role at the Leader, sketching the first sittings of the new Federal Parliament. I have a strong feeling this also is written by Bert. The style, the wit are very much like the material generated in Bendigo the prior two years. The author’s name “Verges” I can’t explain nor the line in the sketch “Marry Sir, Our Watch Tonight “(Much Ado) Any thoughts out there ?

In the Political Conning-Tower’ written by a columnist called ‘Verges’ in September 1902.
The ‘Conning Tower’ reference obviously to someone in the overhead chambre gallery. Pre dating submarines obviously? New column seems to have intentions on gossip from gallery of new the Federal Parliament which was sitting the Victorian Lower House Chamber until Canberra was built.

Here is the full page on Trove – well worth a read.

Here are some of the characters referenced in the column and Bert’s sketches.

Interesting description of the future Prime Minister later referred to as ‘the Rat’. The columnist says …..

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