In the Political Conning Tower – 2nd column

The Column got another run on October 11, 1902.

Here is the second column, obviously the column only gets a run when Federal Parliament is sitting.

Non Bendigonians may not know, but Sir John Quick was one of Bendigo’s most famous citizens. Depicted fairly youthfully here, he was 50 years of age when elected to the first federal Parliament, the same year he was knighted. He served in the Deakin Ministry from 1905-1913. Very important behind scenes player in Federation. (one of the key wordsmiths of the constitution)
Bert would have known Quick, as Quick had written a forward to Bert’s Souvenir Booklet on Bendigo two years earlier. Howard (one of the founding Members of Bert Levy Appreciation Society, BLAS) gave a stunning address on Quick to the young coves at Latrobe University on their graduation some time back. They are still talking about it to this day !! (see attached)

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  1. a Bendigonian, I always thought that was a sheep dog..


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