Bert heads East

Bert’s work on the serialisation of Brudno’s book ‘The Fugitive’ came to an end with the San Francisco Call. I believe he headed east in late July 1904. Before he leaves, he takes part in a fundraiser on June 12 at the B’nai B’rith Hall in San Francisco. This was reported a month and a half later in the Melbourne Jewish Herald..

Melbourne Jewish Herald July 29 1904
This farewell article appears in San Francisco call newspaper July 6th 1904

The St. Louis–San Francisco Railway commonly known as the “Frisco“, was a railroad that operated in the Midwest and South Central United States from 1876 to 1980.
The Hebrew Standard of Australasia. The Bulletin as usual was quite disparaging of Bert’s adventure.

DID BERT ACTUALLY GO TO ST. LOUIS EXHIBITION / EXPOSITION ? It is interesting whilst there was much speculation the 1904 St Louis Exposition was Bert’s ultimate destination, however he never once mentions it…maybe it didn’t greatly excite him ?

He did write about going east –

In his biographical piece in the Lone Hand Theatre Magazine of 1912 he says he had money in his pocket for the first time on the journey east.

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