Bert’s arrival in New York.. 1904

Bert’s accounts on his arrival into NYC tend to vary according to whether he is writing it himself or telling to it to a journo… Here, he recounts once version of his arrival in New York 7 years later in the Lone Hand Theatre Magazine. He does acknowledge at the end of this bio piece, he may have got a bit carried away. He most likely wrote the piece on board a ship on his trip home to Australia.

So, Bert gets sacked again!!
Siegel Cooper & Co. 6th Avenue NYC

The typical sketch work Bert would have been doing can be seen Siegel Cooper & Co. advert below. Of course, you would be allowed to put your name or initials to any sketch in a commercial sketch artist role like this.

The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.), January 27, 1905, Evening Edition, Image 7

If you click on the link above you may be able to read the whole paper…. if interested. The Free ‘Library of Congress’ LOC website holds many USA newspapers. Like Trove

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