Bert’s early work in the U.S attracts some local comment….

Sunday Sun in Sydney.
The Newsletter, An Australian Paper for Australian People (Sydney)
World News, Sydney

Bert falls back into some of his old satirical Bulletin style of sketches in early 1905 to make some money. This one published in New York Monthly magazine ‘The Judge’.

Bert would have been merely a freelance contributor to ‘The Judge’ however, he probably struck up a close friendship with well known satirical sketch artist for ‘The Judge’ in James Montgomery Flagg. (will cover later)
Jewish Herald Melbourne

Kalgoorlie Sun
An early reference to Bert’s brother in Kalgoorlie (he has 2 there) They started out as miners however, became successful bookmakers.
The ‘Editor Archibald’ is a reference to the all powerful editor of the Bulletin and of course now probably remembered best for the ‘Archibald Art Prize’. J.F Archibald

One response to “Bert’s early work in the U.S attracts some local comment….”

  1. Howard Nathan avatar
    Howard Nathan

    These lapses are not “satirical” but gross. A return to the self-hating Jew, still known amongst some Conservative chavarim. Its part of his picture but not a pretty one. Onkel Howard


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