Aussies in New York blizzard

Unfortunately the photo is very dark, but it was published in PUNCH newspaper Australia in May 1905.. Well dressed and very interesting bunch of aussies and kiwis with Bert as you’ll see below.
There are 8 people in the photo however, I feel the gent sitting on the snow is not in the party. Perhaps the driver ? Bert is second from the right..

From Left to Right, they are –

Messrs- Phil Bracy was a stage manager for J.C Williamson in early 1900s. No photo yet found.

Arthur Goldie – seemed to have worked in theatre in Melbourne and later managed troupes in China (1909) No photo yet found.

Cecil Ward – Third from left standing. He was an actor. Image below from 5 years earlier when he played in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.

Later image below
Falk Photo album on Theatre Heritage Australia wonderful website.. check it out

Robert Inman was a NZ born actor who had success in Australia. He played in companies led by Charles Holloway 1905–1907; William Anderson 1908–1916; and George Marlow 1909–1913.

Robert Inman

Inman acted in at least one film, The Kelly Gang (1920) as Aaron Sherritt.

Harry Lempriere Pringle (c 1870- 1914), operatic bass who sang at Covent Garden, London and the Metropolitan Opera, New York.

Born in Hobart, he studied there, then in the early 1890s with Amy Sherwin’s teacher, Julius Stockhausen, in Frankfurt. Pringle appeared at Covent Garden between 1897 and 1900 in many roles including The marriage of Figaro, Fidelio, Lucia di Lammermoor and much Wagner, with Jean De Reszke, Pol Plancon and Lilian Nordica. During these years he toured the USA, with Albani and Patti, singing at the ‘Met’.

Returning to Australia in 1900, Pringle greatly impressed local critics and was a soloist at federation ceremonies in Melbourne, 1901. After 1902 he made several sound recordings, appearing in at least one film, The lure of London. In 1910 he created Massakroff in The chocolate soldier in London, where he died. Source: Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies.

There is a Lempriere Pringle Trust Fund in the UK…. dispenses millions of dollars to charities each year…. struggling to establish whether this is the same Lempriere Pringle ?? not a common name you would think…

Frank Arthur Nankivell (1869–1959) was an Australian artist and political cartoonist, known for his caricatures in publications such as Puck. Nankivell was born to John and Annie Nankivell in Maldon, northwest of CastlemaineVictoria in April, 1869. He was a book illustrator in New York circles of the 1910s and 1920s on such publications as Puck, which was America’s first successful humor magazine. Source: wikipedia

Nankivell in 1890 (15 years before the 1905 group photo above)

Nankivell studied art at Wesley CollegeMelbourne. He later travelled to Japan and earned a living as a cartoonist in Tokyo where he made the acquaintance of Rakuten Kitazawa, who later became father of the Japanese comic art now known as manga. Nankivell left Japan in 1894 to study art in San Francisco. He left for New York in 1896 where he worked on magazines as a popular and influential cartoonist devoting his work mainly to social subjects and to state and federal political issues. Nankivell later became a member of the New York Circumnavigators Club, which was open only to those who had circumnavigated the globe longitudinally, by land and/or sea. Other members included Ernest Hemingway and Harry Houdini.

Several examples of his work are held in the collections of The Smithsonian in Washington DC. He was a large influence on the Japanese manga artist Rakuten Kitazawa.


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