Rabbi Myer’s family – their 2 very talented children

You’ve seen in previous posts Mrs Anna Myers led the Australian Coo-ee contingent welcoming Bert Levy and many others to San Francisco in 1904. Before we leave San Fran, I thought a brief account of this proud Australian Jewish family might be of interest… remembering that Rabbi Myers & his wife were once well known in Melbourne and Sandhurst (Bendigo)

According to wikipedia, Isidore Myers, was born in Russia but came to Australia when was 13. His father, Morris was also a devout Hebrew Scholar and like his son had been master at the Hebrew school in Melbourne. Morris died in Fitzroy in 1909.

I’ve read Isidor Myers was active in campaigns for women’s suffrage, abolition of capital punishment, and zionism. He also was a noted scholar. The family moved to Los Angeles in 1905 and he became well-connected with California’s emerging film industry!! Fo a summary of Rabbi Isidor Myer’s life here…

click box below. https://jewishmiscellanies.com/2020/10/19/gems-from-the-talmud-rev-isidore-myers-london-1894/

Isidor married Anna Jacobson Myers, she was the daughter of a Rabbi Dr. Dattner Jacobson who appears to have come to Melbourne and founded the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation and eventually left Australia for an appointment in New Orleans, USA. I’m sure there are descendents still in Australia.

Anna had an older brother, Zion, and she was a cousin of director Mark Sandrich and photographer Ruth Harriet Louise. Anna’s family were serious players in very early Hollywood.. Click on their names above to read about them. Photo of Anna Jacobson Myers below –

Isidor and Anna had two children, both born in the United States. Zion Myers born in 1898 and Carmel Myers in 1899 both born in San Francisco and would have known Bert Levy when children and when he returned to Hollywood, late in his career.

Here is a bio piece on Zion Myers – click link


Carmel Myers was even more successful well into her 50s. She died in 1980.


Bonus below is a youtube clip of the beautiful Carmel Myers in her fifties hosting her own TV show…. She even talks about her mother and shows photo.

Given the Myers family talent I wonder how many offspring are still knocking it out in Hollywood today. BLAS founding member Howard should be able to help us here.

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  1. tomtruck.howard@gmail.com avatar

    The text refers to the Dattner family name. I was at Wesley College with a fellow of that name. Many Yiddim attended that school as it was welcoming and blind to most prejudices excluding fornication with anything let alone anybody. Howard


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